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At Summerside Pharmacy, Edmonton, we take great pride in providing the best customer service. Our goal is to help and provide enhanced pharmacy care for our patients and residents. By thoughtfully listening to our customers, we strive to develop innovative and collaborative solutions. A pharmacy that cares much beyond prescriptions. We are a family-owned, independent pharmacy providing much more apart from dispensing medications.

Meet Shraddha Joshi... the pharmacist who truly cares for her patients. Shraddha Joshi (Rph) License #12946 / Pharmacy License #3997

Shraddha Joshi Founder

Shraddha Joshi
Shraddha Joshi

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We Offer
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Prescription Refills

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Travel Health

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Free Delivery

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Injection Services

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Summerside Pharmacy – South Edmonton

At Summerside Pharmacy, we take great pride in providing the best customer service. Our goal is to help and provide enhanced pharmacy care for our patients and residents. By thoughtfully listening to our customers, we strive to develop innovative and collaborative solutions. A pharmacy that cares much beyond prescriptions. We are a family-owned independent pharmacy providing many services apart from dispensing medications.

Meet Shraddha Joshi, the pharmacist who truly cares for her patients.

We will be more than happy to help you with your medications & to achieve your Health Goals. I have been working as a pharmacist for the last 5 years. I have extensive experience working in a community pharmacy setting. During my early practice phase in big-box pharmacy, I faced a lot of barriers in providing patient care. The pharmacist must have time to speak to their patients in order to explain to them their new medications or hear their feedback after taking certain medication, or manage their medical conditions better. To practice a full scope as a  pharmacist, I have started my own adventure of independent pharmacy.

Our Pharmacist and staff like to listen to you, and address your concerns & needs.

We provide an extensive range of pharmacy services such as :

  • Prescribing certain medications
  • Travel Health
  • Medication Consultation
  • Vaccinations
  • Compliance packaging
  • Free delivery services
  • Diabetes Care and Education
  • Prescription adaptation and renewal
  • Naloxone kits
  • Smoking cessation
  • Methadone and Suboxone

Summerside Pharmacy services in more detail

Prescribing Pharmacist :

Shraddha is a prescribing pharmacist and can prescribe you certain medications after properly assessing the patient, and going through your history.

Shraddha can also prescribe medications for travel and emergency situations.

Travel Health:

Depending on the location you are travelling, the pharmacist can prescribe you the specific antibiotics needed for the prevention and treatment of the conditions during your travel.

Travel Vaccinations: 

Depending on your destination, it is important to vaccinate before (and sometimes after) your trip. Make sure to book an appointment several months in advance to ensure you are fully immunized. Be sure to check whether you need any vaccines at least six weeks before your departure date, as some vaccines require more than one dose.

The pharmacist at Summerside Pharmacy can prescribe and administer the vaccines for you.

Medication Consultation:

Review of all current medications and medical conditions. It is very important to check the compatibility of all prescription medications, over the counter meds, herbals, and supplements with all your medical conditions. Being a medication expert, a pharmacist would be an appropriate person to do this. At our pharmacy, we would be allocating enough time to do this for every patient.

This is face to face appointment with the pharmacist and may take up to 20 mins. The goal is to educate you on your medications use, side effects, and to fix any medication errors that may have been missed.

Your medications are always changing. As your health conditions change, your doctor may make changes to the medications you take. Often, these changes can be overwhelming. That’s where the Medication consultation can help. A Medication consultation is a free face-to-face appointment with one of our trained pharmacists, with the goal of educating you on your medications, their side effects and to find and fix any medication errors that may have been missed over time.

Diabetes Care and Education:

Diabetes is a lifetime condition and we are here to help you manage it better. Our pharmacist can explain the role of medication, diet, and exercise, as well as how to do blood glucose testing and monitoring of diabetes at home. You can call us and book an appointment with the pharmacist.

 During your appointment, the pharmacist will:

  • Update your current medications and medical conditions
  • Record your blood sugar and blood pressure readings and logs.
  • Update any vaccines that are recommended
  • Examine your feet
  • Provide information on nutrition, foot care, and exercise

Vaccines are important and offer long-term or sometimes lifelong protection against common diseases. Getting vaccinated protects not only yourself but those around you by limiting the spread.

Flu Shots: 

You can usually expect to recover from your cold after a week, but the flu typically last longer. Because flu symptoms and related complications are more serious, it is important to protect yourself. We offer flu shots at the pharmacy.

Common Diseases:

A simple vaccine can minimize your chances to develop certain diseases such as shingles, pneumococcal infections, tetanus, and HPV.

Compliance Packaging:

Remembering to take your medication can be difficult, no matter your age. Let us help. We can organize your medications in weekly packs so that you can take your medications at the correct time and avoid missing any doses.

Blister packaging helps give you a visual indication of whether you have taken your medications for the day. They help eliminate medication errors such as underdosing (forgetting to take a dose of medication) and overdosing (taking too much medication in error). Blister packs help to improve safety and improve health outcomes by ensuring you take your medications regularly without fail.

We can also pack non-prescription medications into your blister pack such as Aspirin, calcium, vitamins, and more.

Prescription adaptation and renewal :

Did your prescriber accidentally give you the wrong dosage or form of medication? We may able to alter the prescription to fit your needs.

Are you completely out of your chronic medication and need it urgently? We may able to help you out.

Naloxone Kits:

Naloxone saves lives.

Naloxone is available as an emergency kit used to reverse an opioid overdose. Consider this kit to keep one on hand if you are close to someone who is on opioid therapy.

Smoking Cessation:

Do you wish to stop smoking? Your pharmacist can provide advice and guide you through this journey. Let’s create an action plan that you can follow with your pharmacist.

Methadone and Suboxone:

Methadose & Suboxone are medications of choice for substance use and drug addiction. Addiction treatment is very difficult and we congratulate you on your decision to take professional help. Summerside Pharmacy dispenses methadone and suboxone to a number of patients without prejudice and judgement. We respect all patients and treat them equally.

Free Delivery:

Summerside pharmacy will provide free delivery anywhere in Edmonton. Just call us and we can bring your medications right at your door, with proper safety protocols.


Do you prescribe medications?
yes, we can prescribe certain medications after assessing the patient and their history. We can also renew your ongoing medications in case of an emergency.


Do you provide delivery services?
Yes, we provide free delivery services anywhere in town with proper Covid safety protocols


Do you provide injection services?
Yes, we can provide any injection services and provide flu shots every year too.


How do we transfer our prescriptions from other pharmacies?
Transferring prescriptions is easy. Just call us and we can transfer your prescriptions from the other pharmacy.



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